The Five Added Values of Working with a Fiduciary Financial Advisor in Atlanta

Interested in maximizing your finances to achieve your goals, obtain a robust retirement, and create a more secure future for yourself and your family? Not many people would answer “no” to that question.  All of that is possible with the proper financial plan. 

What a Financial Advisor Can Do for You

A financial advisor works with you with the aim to realize your goals and maximize your finances whatever your current stage of life. 


Ask Yourself: “Am I Getting Proper Value From my Current Advisor?”

A financial advisor will evaluate your existing investment accounts to confirm you are deriving optimal value from them. Following that evaluation, establishing proper goals means you can determine an appropriate targeted investment policy, specific to your needs.  

You may be saving for short-term goals, such as a home down payment.  If so, more of your money may be in cash accounts, such as savings and certificates of deposit (CDs), for greater stability and with some yield. 

But suppose you’re saving for long-term goals, such as retirement. In that case, we will discuss asset allocation between stocks, bonds and cash aiming for an appropriate mix of growth and stability for your age, and remaining years to retirement.

If you already have investment accounts in stocks or bonds, we will review both the asset allocation and the individual holdings with an eye to a blend of appreciation and stability appropriate for your age, goals, and risk tolerance.  Your various accounts should be evaluated in terms of your total “household” picture to make sure the combined assets make sense for your goals and risk tolerance.

Get a Clear Picture of Your Financial Situation

As financial advisors in Atlanta, we will also review your ongoing finances to draw a clear picture of your ongoing financial situation. We will look at your income, earnings, and expenses to get a picture of your cash flow every month. This can lead to suggestions on managing your income and expenses to achieve your goals.

Develop Guidance To Reach Your Goals

No two financial plans are the same. That’s because no two individuals possess the same goals. You may be aspiring to raise a large family in a rural area outside of Atlanta. However, your neighbor may be packing bags to travel extensively every year.

Under this example, two different approaches are needed. That’s why our initial meetings will include a thorough discussion of your long-term and short-term goals. We also know that financial goals can change over time, so certified financial planners will have periodic meetings to revisit and reassess if necessary.

Create a Plan for the Future

Once we know your goals, we can create a plan to achieve those goals in the future. Do you want to contribute to your children’s education, remodel a home, start a business, or retire early? The more we know your goals and situation, the more we can tailor a plan that is specific to you.

Provide Options To Help You Stay on Track

We like to stay in touch about your investments and goals, as both may change over time. We will update you with your investment accounts quarterly. Investment accounts need to be thoroughly reviewed at least once a year, and often, more regularly than that.  Rebalancing and maintaining a proper target asset allocation are crucial to success.  In a year like 2022 when markets are more volatile, those opportunities for review can be more time-sensitive. 

In a year when stock prices have risen, for example, the climb may result in the  ratio of stock to bonds increasing. We review these ratios to make sure they still make sense, given your goals. Our team has more than 50 years of experience in working with successful families.  We’ve learned that even in a fast-moving environment like Atlanta, Georgia, your financial life does not have to be a burden, and can make sense.


Is Your Retirement Nest Egg Ready to Weather Today’s Volatility? If It Isn’t, We Can Help


Personalized Service from a Proven Team

AdobeStock_309873155Our team of financial advisors in Atlanta are fiduciaries who see you as an individual with individual plans and dreams. Why does an advisor who is a fiduciary matter to you? 

Because only fiduciaries are required to put your financial self-interest above their own. The bottom line is that you want to work with an experienced financial planner who is bound by law to do right by you.

Not all financial advisors and wealth managers are fiduciaries. Financial advisors generally work under two financial industry standards: the fiduciary and suitability standards. Advisors who operate under a fiduciary standard in 100% of their activities are required to put your interests first, even if their own interests are not served. 


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MaryJane M. LeCroy, CFP®

MaryJane M. LeCroy, CFP®

As a member of our Atlanta team, MaryJane M. LeCroy is a Managing Director and Senior Wealth Advisor for Linscomb & Williams.

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